Sadly, PetSage closed its doors at the end of 2020. Learn more about Terri’s new venture.

Since 1995, PetSage has offered the finest array of holistic pet products through our online and brick-and-mortar store, selecting lines and products based on quality controls, sourcing, and traceability.

  • These stringent criteria contribute to our reputation as an acknowledged leader in holistic health for companion animals worldwide.
  • We are proud to have the respect of veterinarians, animal care practitioners, and pet owners as an unbiased source for product information and industry knowledge.
  • From diet – the foundation of health – to the many complementary and alternative therapies available for your companion, we look forward to helping you discover holistic health care.

How did it all begin?

A cat with an upper respiratory problem, another with diabetes, and a dog in liver failure forged my path for founding PetSage. These same companions continue as guides and have sent many special teachers in my direction since: furry coaches that teach me about the nature of true healing, open doors no humans could see without their help, and fortify my passion when frustration threatens to take over.  These furry guides honored me by allowing me to accompany them as they slipped away to begin their next mission.

How does it continue?

As I move ahead on this path with PetSage, it is in partnership with our dedicated, passionate staff. Collectively we offer a truly unique team with gifts of knowledge, experience, and expertise – a team whose shared goal is to empower you with a better understanding of your companion animal’s health and well-being.

PetSage works closely with you and your veterinarian to carefully integrate holistic therapies creating a unified health care team, whether this involves a step-by-step health care plan or individualizing your companion’s nutritional and holistic therapies. We also offer individualized pet health care coaching.

PetSage is a breath of fresh air in the pet supply world.  The careful consideration and deep knowledge behind their decisions on what they sell and don’t sell is based on genuine, hard-earned experience and high standards – not fad, not hearsay, and not fear.
~ A Happy Customer

We continue our education and create learning opportunities for our clients by hosting distinguished speakers through educational seminars and special events.

Together, our brick-and-mortar and online store offer you a cohesive support service.  Because we have earned the reputation as a valued resource, many of our manufacturers seek our involvement with product development and offer us the latest in products for evaluation. In turn, we continuously monitor product and manufacturer reliability through research, customer feedback, and personal use.

~ Terri Grow, Founder & President, PetSage

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© Terri Grow, 2020
Terri Grow writes and speaks on pet health and welfare, working with veterinarians, trainers, shelters and manufacturers to empower canine and feline health through diets, herbal therapies, supplements and environmental adjustments.