I’m Terri Grow.
Feline health expert, educator and advocate.

And I have a mission. I want to improve the lives of cats—and their owners. I want to enrich their shared bond. And ultimately, I want to make the world a better place through feline advocacy.

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My hope is that you’ve experienced the love of a vibrant, authentic, quirky, magical feline. ​I believe that as humans, such experiences make us more understanding, compassionate and attentive.

The human-animal bond is fascinating and beautiful. We learn so much from these cats! Call me crazy, but I truly believe that through deepening this serendipitous bond, we can build a more loving, understanding, compassionate world.

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An integrative approach towards feline wellness.

Cats are powerful communicators. And I let each individual teach me about what they need to achieve optimal health. When a cat is experiencing disease or behavior issues, I look at everything that affects them. Modern day life can be overwhelming for these incredible felines.

Nutrition & Diet

Diet is the foundation for health and longevity. But when it comes to feeding cats, there is an overwhelming abundance of choice. I help you navigate the multi-billion dollar pet food industry, rife with false claims and species-inappropriate options, to help you find the right choice for your unique cat.

Environment & Lifestyle

The safety and comfort of a loving home can be more nourishing than any superfood. While we may not be able to control of all aspects of our cat’s environment, we can study their surroundings from their perspective. In our homes—are we providing enrichment that allows a healthy expression of their nature?

Natural Medicines & Holistic Therapy

While nutrition is the foundation of health, natural medicines and holistic therapies are powerhouses that can fuel your cat’s health and healing abilities. But what is safe for a cat’s special physiology—and how can you integrate these treatments into their veterinary care? Let me help you find the appropriate remedy or therapy.

Individuality & Behavior

Your cat is unique. It has unique needs. Of course, there are some standards that are true to all Felis Silvestris Catus, but respecting your animal’s unique personality and health needs is essential. By understanding exactly who is living with you, you’ll gain an entirely new perspective on what’s possible for their optimal health and happiness.

After gaining a comprehensive understanding, mixed with lots of experience and even a little bit of intuition, ​I compile and synthesize all of the information to map a clear path forward.

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Since 1995, I have worked with veterinarians, pet guardians, trainers, shelters, and manufacturers to empower feline and canine health through diet, herbal therapies, supplements, and environmental adjustments.  My journey to feline advocate began with providing wellness counsel to thousands of clients through the Alexandria, Virginia, pet store, PetSage®.  For nearly 25 years I provided solid, fact-based answers to the questions clients presented each day through dogged research and staying abreast of increasing complexities of the global pet products industry.  My ongoing passion for advancing feline health was fueled by successfully helping clients employ species-appropriate diets, herbal and nutritional supplements, and nourishing healthy feline lifestyles.

  • Certified in Natural Animal Nutrition
  • Certified in Traditional Chinese Herbology
  • Advanced studies in nutrition and complementary therapies for behavioral and chronic health issues. 
  • Member of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association
  • Member College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies
  • Member of the Veterinary Botanical Medical Association

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