Essences from Love and Above Cat Club line.

Cats are powerful influencers.  My dear friend Anne of thanks her cat, Duke, for pushing her to learn species appropriate nutrition. I give Altair, my first cat as an adult, credit for inspiring me to learn herbal medicine. And now, I’ve learned another feline, Cumin, encouraged the launch of the visionary line and resource: Love and Above Cat Club. Founder and friend Siena shares that through her twenty years as a holistic health practitioner and energy healer, cat lovers often take better care of their cats than themselves. Many holding experiences that left them feeling unsafe physically or emotionally.  Yet, being so deeply moved with the love for their cat(s), they used that love as a secure model to heal and build self-security. Through Love and Above Cat Club, Siena built a healing space for those interested in learning more, shares her journey with Cumin, writes in her blog on a range of topics from spirituality to creativity, and used her knowledge and intuition to create an incredibly special line of flower essences and aromatherapy blends.

I encourage you to spend some time reading her blog – I particularly like “Have More Energy for What Matters Most.” Then check out the remedies to see what resonates with you. I did and am grateful. Plus, I couldn’t resist the sleeve-printed hoodie!

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