Knowledge is power.

And I’m all about sharing knowledge that empowers our pets’ health.

If you need an expert on feline well-being to add insight and direction on your product, initiative, or case, I can help. I consult with professionals across the pet industry, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, veterinarians, and animal behavior experts.

Feline Webinars

Available through CIVT

  • Feline Diets, Biochemistry and Behavior
  • Feeding the FLUTD Cat
  • No Fat Cats – A Look at Who, What, When and How to Address Feline Obesity
  • Nurturing the Feline Nature (Health & Sanity)
  • Feeding the Finicky Cat
  • What in the Name of Food are Cats Swallowing?
  • Feeding the Feline Kidney Patient

Canine Webinars

Free on request 

  • How Health and Diet Affect Behavior
  • Feeding Today’s Modern Dog

Publications & Events

Whether it’s through writing or speaking, I love sharing the knowledge and research that helps to empower healthier cats and happier owners.


  • Extend Your Reach Partnering with a Pet Food Store, Integrative Veterinary Care Journal, 2016
  • Pet Food Due Diligence, Journal of Veterinary Botanical Medicine, Summer/Fall 2015
  • Bravo Beginnings – Honoring Your Cat’s Natural Diet booklet, Bravo Pet Foods, Manchester, CT, 2015


  • Living with a Happy, Healthy Cat – a feline health day, Springfield, VA
    • Organizer and lecturer
  • Cooking for Your Pet – a three part series including nutritional guidelines, basic and specialty diets, Alexandria, VA
  • Helping Bricks and Mortars Survive, Pet Connection Expo, Philadelphia, PA