Obesity is now at pandemic proportions and considered the number one health and welfare risk facing today’s cats. Weight reduction is often unsuccessful resulting in concomitant health problems such as diabetes mellitus, joint/mobility issues, skin disease, neoplasia, urolithiasis, and a poorer quality of life. Obesity is not just an expenditure imbalance of calories in, calories out. This is a multifactorial disease. In this webinar, Terri presents key variables including owner-cat bond influences, pet foods as a predisposing factor, risks of early weight gain, and of course, insulin resistance. She also discusses the importance of Body Condition Score (BCS), offers feeding strategies, discusses environmental enrichment, and shares tips on opening constructive discussions about weight management. This webinar was developed for the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies.  Purchase thru CIVT, $60


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Terri Grow writes and speaks on pet health and welfare, working with veterinarians, trainers, shelters and manufacturers to empower canine and feline health through diets, herbal therapies, supplements and environmental adjustments.