Just three ingredients and your cat can have a balanced home-prepared meal.

What is a Meat Completer Premix for Cats?

A raw cat food premix is a powdered supplement containing select macronutrients and essential micronutrients needed to make fresh or lightly cooked meat into a complete and balanced staple diet for cats of all ages and breeds! The ingredients of each premix are essentially the ingredients and supplements you would otherwise buy in supplement form – capsules, powders, and pills – when following a do-it-yourself “from scratch” homemade cat food recipe.

There are several brands of premixes, three of which I’ve used personally:

  • TCFeline
  • EZ Complete – This formulation is not recommended for kittens, as it uses eggshell and kittens need the calcium: phosphorus ratio found in bone.
  • Alnutrin

Each brand offers unique recipes based on the prey model allowing you to select for your cat’s individual needs. Some offer various organ meat sourcing from select proteins to meet your cat’s food sensitivities, while others use a selection of calcium sources to meet your senior cat’s calcium/phosphorus needs.

All of the premixes can be prepared with any muscle meat protein. Just add the premix to water and ground (or small chunks) of meat per package instructions and you have a complete and balanced food! Even though your cat’s digestive tract is hostile to pathogens, I recommend sourcing your meats from organic or free-range sources you can depend on for quality. A rotation of meats can be and should be used to help with long-term nutritional support and help prevent food fixation. Plus, you can play with a little added water to meet your cat’s texture preference. Even more water can be added at mealtime to encourage water intake.

In some premixes, egg yolk powder is an ingredient and in others you will need to add it. * (Do not add the egg white unless you cook it and are wanting to up the protein levels.) Egg yolks are a great source of choline, lecithin, biotin, and a range of other vitamins and minerals. Nutrients that can be beneficial in helping the digestive system manage ingested hair and eliminate it through the bowels. In other words, helps prevent hairballs!

Each formula is very simple in its preparation with a minimum of needed utensils.

Ingredient Volume
Premix – with or without liver * 1/4-1/2 cup per package directions
Cold water Per package guidelines (can be adjusted)
Ground meat, ground or small chunks, boneless, skinless 1-2 lbs (454-900g)
* Ground liver if not included in premix Per premix requirements
* Egg yolk if not included in premix 1 yolk per pound of meat

Add water to premix in large bowl and mix thoroughly. Combine meat with premix/water. Done!

Separate into serving sizes and freeze.

Feeding suggestion: 65g (1/4 cup) 2 x day per average adult cat. Smaller, more frequent meals are preferred by some cats, especially the young and older. Large or more active cats will need to eat more.

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