Let’s improve feline health and welfare by elevating our knowledge on the true nature of cats.

As a speaker on feline health and wellness, my goal is to empower feline health, and human-feline relationships through knowledge and communication. I want to improve the lives of cats — and their owners. I want to enrich their shared bond. And ultimately, I want to make the world a better place through feline advocacy to enrich the lives of our cats by understanding who is in that catsuit.

I speak at conferences and trade shows, with workshops and seminars customized to:

  • Veterinarians & health professionals
  • Pet industry businesses
  • Cat owners

To each engagement, I bring an integrative background, and a passionate commitment to continued learning and innovation in holistic cat care.

Popular topics include:

  • Modern Cat: Endangered Spirit – Nurturing Today’s Cats’ Health & Sanity
  • Is Your Cat’s Food the Correct Diet: The healing energetics of Food
  • Pet Food Labels: Being Your Cat’s Health Care Advocate
  • Pet Diet Myths, Facts and Fallacies
  • Holistic Perspectives on Pet Care
  • How Health and Diet Affect Canine Behavior
  • Creative Cooking for Your Pets: Nutrition Basics Made Easy
  • Feline Supplements: Meeting the Needs of the Cat Savvy Consumer
  • Developing Commercial Partnerships and Resources
  • Part 1- Patient Tell-tales from the Pet Store Owner
  • Part 2- Holistic Pet Stores: Veterinary Friends or Foes

Customized topics are also available.

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