For Cat Owners

Let’s empower your cat’s innate healing abilities.
Let’s improve your cat’s mental health and well-being.
Let’s provide a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

Your cat can have vibrant health and a happy life…

We just need to listen, understand the root cause, and empower his or her innate healing abilities.

  • Is your cat experiencing a chronic health or behavior issue and you’re at a loss for what to do?
  • Have you been to the vet and not made any progress?
  • Have you spent hours with Dr. Google?

​Of course you’re frustrated and confused. When your feline is unwell, it affects your own mental health and sanity!

Your cat is asking for something. I’ll help you translate what that is.

My role is to help you find clarity, pinpoint what is happening—then find a way to resolve it in a healthy, holistic way. My expertise in Chinese medicine and work alongside vets taught me to look at a cat’s life from an integrated, wholistic perspective that accounts for the whole animal and its entire ecosystem. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of your cat, we will get it on a path to better health.

Disease doesn’t happen in a vacuum.
Cats don’t act out because they want to make you miserable.
There is a root cause.

cats playing outside

Through feline health consultations, I can help you navigate myriad issues affecting your cat’s well-being, including:

sleeping cat
  • Food & Diet Concerns
  • Chronic health conditions
  • Kidney Disease
  • Thyroid Issues
  • GI & Stomach Issues
  • Itching or Excessive Licking
  • Late Night Hyperactivity & Crying​

Whatever situation you’re dealing with, let’s look deeper.

When we work together, I look at everything that’s impacting your cat: diet, environment, lifestyle, personality, and how your individual feline is fitting into domesticated life. I take all of this information and synthesize it.

​Together we will pinpoint the imbalances, and map a clear path forward—based on your unique cat and its unique needs.

You are committed to this animal. You love this animal.
And if you simply aren’t sure what to do next, let me help you.