Feline expert and advocate, researcher, educator, and pet nutrition guide.

Hi, I’m Terri Grow. Unlocking vibrant health for cats (dogs, too!) through nutrition is my passion in life.

❖ As a feline expert, I create awareness through consulting, speaking and education.

❖ As an animal nutritionist, I provide diet advice sessions for cat + dog parents.

What does my work look like?

As a feline advocate:

  • Speaking to organizations like the National Animal Supplement Council, the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Assn, and Animal Welfare Leagues.
  • Continuing education webinars for veterinarians through the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies.
  • Advising leading companies on cat food development and recipe formulation.
  • Ongoing research, advocacy and writing on cat nutrition and welfare.

As an animal nutritionist:

  • Formulating nutritional plans — from commercial to homemade — to meet the needs of each individual cat or dog.

Yes, I help (and love) dogs, too!

I have been supporting dog owners for 30 years. Since cats tend to be the underdogs of the pet world, they get the most real estate here on my website (and in my research). But I love and help dogs, too — through diet advice & formulation sessions.