Cats are powerful communicators.

“The truth is, cats don’t get sick because they want to or act out just to frustrate you. Health and behavioral issues stem from an imbalance: diet, stress, lifestyle or environmental issues. I tune into the root causes of feline health and behavior issues to help provide cats a vibrant, happy, well-balanced life.”

Terri Grow

Cat Expert, Educator, & Advocate

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Our pets’ bodies and behaviors tell a story.

When we listen, we can eliminate disease, prevent behavior issues, and unlock vibrant health.

•  “Terri, my cat is having litter box issues. Could it be health related?”
•  “I’m confused with all the pet food options and opposing information. What’s best for MY cat?”
•  “I take a natural/holistic approach to my own health. Is there a safe way to do that for my pet?”
•  “What supplements & diet do you recommend for my senior dog?” (Yes, we can talk dogs, too!)

Cat Owners

YES! I need help with holistic health and nutrition guidance for my cat.


YES! I need a holistic feline health expert on my team.


YES! My group is looking for a speaker on feline health.

Pet Industry

YES! My business needs consumer insight on what cat clients want.

What about dogs?

YES! I would like information on holistic well-being for my dog.

“Cats are complex animals, both physically and emotionally, and finding a holistic approach to caring for each unique individual can be challenging unless you really know the ways of felines. This is where Terri Grow steps in as an invaluable resource. I’ve consulted with Terri for over 25 years now. When textbook answers to my feline questions aren’t enough, or if I need direction that relates to not just to the health, but also the “nature” of cats, I call Terri before anyone else.”

Greg Tilford

World-Renowned Author & Herbalist, Host of the Podcast, Your Vital Pet

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Let’s talk about a more innovative approach to cat care.

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