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Let’s empower your cat’s innate healing abilities. I look forward to helping you map a clear path forward. ​



In the Washington, D.C. Metro area?  I see clients at Veterinary Holistic Center in Springfield, VA.  If you would like to meet at the clinic, send me a request through email to schedule a consult!


Veterinary Holistic Center
7950 Woodruff Ct #1
Springfield, VA 22151


You can’t hold someone who wants to leave
You can’t clutch a memory as if it were today
You can’t take an insult close to heart
You can’t grasp for glory from your chair
You can’t seize life thinking only of loss
And you can’t grab a laser pointer dot on the wall
No matter how much you try
These hard-earned truths I give to you

~ From I COULD PEE ON THIS, ©2012 Francesco Marciulliano. Used with Permission from Chronicle Books, LLC.

Close up of an older cat