About Cats

Cats. They fascinate us.

They frustrate us. They evoke heartfelt emotions and can even instill fear. Not to mention they can infuriate us with their notorious food snubs.

Cats are powerful communicators.

Their bodies and behaviors tell a story.

They hold close the primal spirit that dwells in their soul and give us the opportunity to touch nature at its best. Yet most of us see only a sliver of the true nature of Felis silvestris catus because of biased expectations of who is in that catsuit, and their compliance with our lifestyles and diet preferences.

When we listen to their needs, we can eliminate disease, prevent behavior issues, and unlock vibrant health.

Combined with my research and experience, cats have taught me:

  • The most important decision in your cat’s health and longevity is what goes in the food bowl.
  • The pet food industry doesn’t have our cats’ carnivorous needs at heart.
  • Many chronic health issues, even behavior problems, are the result of food intolerances.
  • Protecting their environmental stability and mental enrichment needs are vital.
  • Oftentimes, cats are asking for something — and their requests require translation.
  • Herbal therapies, supplements, and natural medicines can boost your cat’s health and well-being.
  • When our felines are unwell, it affects our own mental health and sanity.
  • Cats bring incomparable joy to those who love and honor them!

The Cat:  Intelligent.  Affectionate.  Fierce.  Gentle.  Mysterious.  Deserving.  

Let’s empower cats’ innate healing abilities.

Let’s improve cats’ mental health and well-being.

Let’s provide a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

Let’s talk about a more innovative approach to cat care.