What’s all the barking about?

“Terri Grow is one of the people in the world of feline health advocacy I admire most. Terri has spent no small amount of time, energy, and research into better understanding everything that either helps or hinders cat well-being.”

Anne Jablonski, CatNutrition.org

“When I believe a behavior case is nutrition-based, I send it to Terri. There is no one better suited to handle these cases than Terri.”

Jennifer Van de Kieft, Cat-advocate.com

“Terri Grow PetSage® is one of the preeminent experts in the holistic cat space and the topic of obesity is one of the longest burning issues related to feline health and nutrition. BSM Partners are highly focused on animal obesity as a chief health concern plaguing both cats and dogs. We will be paying for any of our associates wanting to attend this session. Thanks Terri!”

Nate Thomas, BSM Partners

“Overfed and undernourished are our animals — with direct harm to kidneys, GI and joints for starters. Terri has been in the business of quality care through diet and lifestyle for decades, and would be the first to pull a label from the shelves when it was causing harm due to filthy ingredients hidden behind a snazzy name or pretty package. She knows what the conventional vets do not know about nutrition and quality ingredients.”

Dr. Melanie Six, sixchiro.com

After three months of unresolved Gi issues — from bloody diarrhea to pancreatitis, I contacted Terri Grow for nutritional help with our one-year-old miniature poodle, Chase. She was so thorough in getting his history and really listened to everything he had been going through the past months. Along with formulating a recipe for Chase, she recommended an herbal supplement to address his GI imbalance. Since starting this protocol, Chase has been doing better than ever (mind you, I cooked his meals prior to his gastro issues!). I cannot tell you how grateful we are to have found Terri. She continues to monitor his progress and we will continue to consult with her.


“For over 20 years, I have worked with and referred both canine and feline clients to Ms. Grow, especially owners who recognize that a healthy diet supports everyday wellness, but also understand it can be a critical complement to treatment. As an expert in feline care, Terri pairs her in-depth experience of cat behavior with her nutrition knowledge, foods, and supplements to tailor appropriate diets for each individual client. These can range from commercial to homemade, but more importantly she is able to educate clients so that compliance is manageable. Ms. Grow is very well regarded as a member of several veterinary communities and offers fresh, expert insights to clients and veterinary relationships. She is an accomplished speaker and teacher in this field and her association with our practice provides an invaluable resource that is appreciated by our clients.”

Jordan Kocen, DVM, CVA, VHCNOVA.com
“Ever since you taught me to cook for Piper and I saw how food healed her body, I’ve been hooked. So glad I brought my skeptical self to your seminar that day so many years ago. You have literally changed my life and my dogs!”
Paweenudh and River, Dogs Ride Certified

“Terri Grow is the Brene Brown of cats.”

Deidre Ray

“Terri’s exceptional expertise and deeply intuitive approach to whole health has been life changing for our feline companions, both suffering from rare urinary tract disorders. Through her partnership, our cats have been able to thrive, avoid recurrent issues, and enjoy a higher quality of life. Terri’s breadth of experience in nutrition and TCM approaches enable her to rapidly pivot and adapt her support based on evolving needs.

Caitlin O

“Terri has become an invaluable resource and guide for caring for our felines– both young and aging. She has helped us understand how TCM is helpful in preventative medicine, as well as collaborative with western vet approaches. Terri has helped increase the quality of life of our oldest, who lives with complicated kidney, urinary, and digestive issues, and she is available regularly to guide us through the changing needs of an aging cat. She has also helped us address adjustment challenges when we added a kitten to our family, who has had early health/dental challenges as a rescue. Terri’s advice for dietary, behavioral, herbal and medical continues to positively impact our family, especially since we are an active duty military family and must move often; Terri has made herself available remotely. She is also a delightful and enthusiastic educator and collaborator– ready to consult through often urgent changes, and available to our vet for consultation.”

Lori B