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What began as a love affair is now my full on advocacy campaign for cats. So little is known and understood about these magnificent creatures. Heck, it took until the early nineties before the veterinary community looked upon them as a separate species — not as small dogs — learning to acknowledge their unique physiology.

The Mission
Wise Feline herbal formulas are a breakthrough in cat health and well-being by honoring the Tao of the cat. Using the guiding principles and energetic signature of Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs from several cultures are blended together to meet the needs of Felis silvestris Catus.

The Products
These formulas evolved from my reaching for products that just weren’t there — formulas created exclusively for a cat’s unique constitution. Formulas designed to intersect and address each cat’s disease continuum. These feline-friendly herbs address a range of health concerns. Each low-alcohol, glycerin based tincture is created to appeal to even the most finicky feline’s palate and can stand alone or work together to individual therapies.

Ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers and meticulously crafted into every formula. Our unique extractions of active ingredients are compounded into liquid tinctures offering the most bioavailable form of delivery for your cat.

  • Good Manufacturing Practice Certified
  • Kosher Certified
  • Certified Organic and Ethically Harvested

Who’s Behind Wise Feline . . .

With close to thirty years in the pet industry, working with gifted holistic veterinarians and cat caregivers daily, the label of cat health care expert began to preface my introduction.  Yes, I like to think I have a special connection with cats, but that came about with years of training, studying and observation. See About Me for more information on my background.

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