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What began as a love affair is now my full on advocacy campaign for cats. So little is known and understood about these magnificent creatures. Heck, it took until the early nineties before the veterinary community looked upon them as a separate species—not as small dogs—learning to acknowledge their unique physiology.

The Mission
My intent with Wise Feline® is to: re-introduce you to the cat(s) who live with you; share new sciences that are beginning to reveal our cats’ true nature; and encourage you to use these new understandings to help you develop healthier and happier relationships.

As a society, we demand cats fit into our needs and expectations. Behavior and health issues now emerging demonstrate cats are struggling with these adaptation requirements.

The Products
Wise Feline herbal formulas evolved from my reaching for products that just weren’t there–formulas created exclusively for a cat’s unique constitution. Formulas designed to intersect and address each cat’s disease continuum.

Who’s Behind Wise Feline . . .

With over twenty five years in the pet industry, working with gifted holistic veterinarians and cat caregivers daily, the label of cat health care expert began to preface my introduction.  Yes, I like to think I have a special connection with cats, but that came about with years of training, studying and observation.

  • While I have taken courses in homeopathy, acupressure, and Western herbs, it was Traditional Chinese Medicine that captured me. And in 2006, I received my certification in Traditional Chinese Herbology with the CT Institute for Herbal Studies.
  • That same year, I leaped at the invitation to attend the Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Advanced Herbal Studies in Sydney, Australia with Dr. Steve Marsden, a leader in the holistic veterinary community.
  • Since then I have I’ve tallied multiple times over my course hours in Continued Education alongside veterinarians in seminars, symposiums and observation hours including certification in Natural Animal Nutrition.
  • My mentors are varied in experience and modalities,  and truly gifted healers in the holistic veterinary community.
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